Meaneas Chet Sne-[40 END]

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Pim is a savvy sales dept. head at a high-profile shoe company, who has mastered a healthy work/life balance. At 30, her parents think she is ripe for marriage. Her best friend Pon has always stood by her, with a ready shoulder to cry on. Everyone thinks they are the perfect couple. That is, except for Pim, who sees Pon only as a friend, one who’s unlikely to sweep her off her feet.
A bet is made between them: whichever one is not married in the following year, must pay the bride or groom-to-be, a sum of money as a wedding gift. With just a year to find their soulmates, Pim throws herself wholeheartedly into the process, while Pon, more reluctantly so. Each find partners, only not ‘the one’. Even as those romances unraveled, they always confided in the other.
Pon realizes he’s no longer able to tolerate the nearness of Pim. He accepts the out- of- town transfer his airline offers him, rather than tell Pim how he really feels. And Pim cannot see what she has in Pon.
Will Pon eventually find the courage to confess, or will Pim realize her true love is right under her nose? Or will they be forever destined as friends?